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  • 03/25/2020 10:56 AM | Deleted user

    See Order extending Statute of Limitations for the 146th and 169th District Courts in Bell County, Texas

    Order Extending Statute of Limitations - 146th 169th Judicial District Courts - March 25 2020.pdf

  • 03/25/2020 8:31 AM | Cynthia Parker (Administrator)

    The District Judges hearing cases are passing cases set for hearing during the week of March 30. This applies to all cases which require a physical presence and hearing. The pretrial announcements, revocation announcements, etc. will continue to be done by email to the Court Coordinators with a copy to the State’s attorney. Hearings requiring a physical presence that are presently set the week of March 30 are passed UNLESS attorneys requesting to retain their setting contact the appropriate Court Coordinator by email by noon on Thursday, March 26, with an agreed time for a phone conference with the Court. It will be the responsibility of the attorneys to coordinate a time for the phone contact with the office of their opposing counsel.

    What this means is that criminal cases set for appearances next week (including pleas, sentencings, etc.) are reset UNLESS you and opposing counsel have a conversation with the Court and show a good reason why your case is essential and should remain on the docket. That conversation will need to take place before the close of business on Thursday, March 26.

    Please review your dockets promptly!

    Thank you for your cooperation and your patience. It is our intent to keep attorneys, our staff and litigants as safe as possible.

  • 03/23/2020 3:35 PM | Deleted user

    See attached Standing Order for Bell County District Courts.

    3-23-20 Standing Order for Bell County District Courts.pdf

  • 03/23/2020 1:21 PM | Deleted user

    Please see attached Order Extending the Prior Administrative Order.

    Please note jury trials are now suspended through May 8, 2020 and the Courts will continue to provide essential functions and hearings only through May 8, 2020.

    Order Extending Prior Administrative Order - March 23 2020.pdf

  • 03/23/2020 12:19 PM | Cynthia Parker (Administrator)


    I’m writing to update you on the State Bar's communication efforts in response to the

    coronavirus pandemic.

    The State Bar is compiling resources on its webpage. These


    • Free lawyer resources and webinars (i.e., a free TexasBarCLE webcast was

    provided on March 20 on Practicing Law in the Shadow of COVID19);

    • Court guidance and closures;
    • SBOT response measures; and
    • Important announcements about TexasBarCLE, disciplinary system, and event

    cancellations and delays.

    Texas Lawyers’ Assistance Program professionals have created a webpage full of

    resources to assist attorneys, law students, and families who may be isolated and

    struggling with a mental health issue or needing recovery support. View it


    The Texas Bar Journal staff has been curating information relevant to the pandemic and

    posting it to the Texas Bar Blog. Some of these articles also will appear in the April and

    May editions of the Texas Bar Journal. So far, the articles posted are:

    • Law firms working remotely during the coronavirus shutdown, by D. Todd Smith
    • Pandemically challenged: teleworking in COVID-19 and what you need to know,

    by Jefferson W. Fisher

    • Working with remote employees: what you need to know, by Carron E. Nicks
    • Preparing for the coronavirus: how Texas employers can plan for COVID-19, by

    Teresa Valderrama

    • “Zoom”ing into a new era, by Sally Pretorius
    • From inside the Italian quarantine: lawyering on lockdown, by Jason Herbert

    Also, lawyers and members of the public can sign up for the State Bar’s Daily News

    Briefing at to receive the latest legal news updates in their

    inbox every weekday. Right now, these updates are heavily focused on the profession’s

    response to the coronavirus.

    As always, please reach out to me at my email below if I can help answer questions or

    address your concerns. And of course, your suggestions are always welcome.


    Yolanda Cortes Mares



  • 03/20/2020 7:56 AM | Cynthia Parker (Administrator)

    See the attached Fourth Emergency Order issued by the Supreme Court regarding Eviction Hearings.

    fourth emergency order.pdf

    Cindi Parker

    Executive Director

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