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Sign Documents - District Attorney's Office

04/06/2020 11:51 AM | Cynthia Parker (Administrator)

SignNow, Electronic signatures

When a case is ready to plea, our office will be sending you a link to the SignNow application for the signing of plea papers.  After a defendant has agreed to enter a plea of guilty, either to our offer or open, please contact the prosecutor by e-mail.  The link to plea documents will then be sent to you and a link will also be sent to the jail so that your client will be able to sign the plea paperwork electronically.  You will then have the opportunity to go over the paperwork with your client, using the Securus video call system.  E-mail the following address to set up an appointment between 8 am and 4 pm to obtain the defendant’s electronic signature:


Please state in your e-mail:  defendant’s name, cause number for each case you are requesting a signature, and that you are ready for your client’s signature.

You will have to set up an appointment on Securus to correspond with the time provided by the jail.  An assigned deputy will then make contact with the defendant in the jail and use the available link for the defendant to electronically sign the necessary paperwork.  You can communicate with your client through Securus while the defendant has the electronic documents in front of him and obtain his signature.  Once you and your client have signed the plea papers, they will then be e-filed by our office with the District Clerk and will be ready for your plea setting.

We have added a waiver for the defendant to appear by teleconference that will be included in the plea paperwork.

Here are the Steps:

  1. Contact our office by e-mail to let us know your client is ready to enter a plea.
  2. Wait for link from SignNow containing the plea paperwork.
  3. Set a Securus appointment for a time between 8 am and 4 pm to communicate with your client.
  4. Contact the jail at bcjail.signnow@bellcounty.texas.gov to inform them of your Securus appointment time to sign the paperwork.
  5. Contact your client at the appointed time and a jailer will provide a tablet to the inmate to obtain his/her signature.
  1. Use the provided link from SignNow for you to electronically sign the paperwork.

The Securus coupon codes are good for one time use, a code can be used to discuss the plea and plea paperwork in advance, if necessary; and a second code can be used during the appointment to obtain the electronic signature.  Our office will send you a batch of codes to use for this purpose and additional codes can be requested by contacting Stacy McClinton at Stacey.McClinton@bellcounty.texas.gov .

Signing document.pdf

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