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11/27/2018 8:37 AM | Cynthia Parker (Administrator)

Dear Bell County Bar Association,


I am reaching out to you on behalf of Baylor Undergraduate Mock Trial. We are hosting a tournament this weekend at Baylor Law School and are short on judges. I know there are many Baylor Lawyers and fellow trial advocates in the area, and if possible, I would appreciate it greatly if the following message could be sent out to the members of the Bar Association to help us out!




My name is Brandon Cooper, and I am the treasurer of Baylor Undergraduate Mock Trial. Each year, we host a tournament  where many universities across the United States come together to compete at Baylor Law School. We have hosted this tournament for 15 years now, and are looking to host another great tournament again this year. A big part of preparing for the tournament is getting qualified individuals to help out and volunteer as judges, and that is where you come in! 


Our tournament will be held this weekend, Friday, November 30 through Sunday, December 2. There are four rounds of competition, which are to take place at the following times: 


Round 1 (Friday)- 6:30-9:30
Round 2 (Sat) - 9:00-12:00
Round 3 (Sat) - 2:30–5:30
Round 4 (Sun) - 9:30-12:30


We are still short on judges, and would appreciate all the help we could get! Judges can sign up to participate in any single one of the rounds. Refreshments will be provided to judges helping with any round. Attached is a link where anyone interested may sign up to judge.


Please reach out to our Tournament Director, Addison Prewett at, or myself if you have any further questions.


Thank you!


Brandon S. Cooper 

Treasurer | Baylor Undergraduate Mock Trial

B.B.A. Human Resource Management 

Baylor University Class of 2020

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